To say the least, this year was full of surprises.

Bushfires devastated Australia.

The COVID-19 pandemic engulfed the world.

President Trump was impeached and later acquitted.

Harvey Weinstein was acquitted.

Black Lives Matter protests gained support around the globe.

An explosive disaster in Beirut, Lebanon.

Wildfires along the American West…

As I stand on the tee box overlooking the lustrous, bright green fairway and reveling in the warm sunshine, confidence fills me. However, the golf course has more than what meets the eye. Lining the sides of the fairways are thick, dark green patches of rough that obfuscate my mind…

“Ageism” was coined by Robert Neil Butler to explain discrimination against the elderly and disenfranchised. Now, children and youth face systemic ageism that disables them from voicing their opinions. Two summers ago, I had the privilege of attending a conference called “Shaking the Movers”. The conference is organized and run…

Chris Yi

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